Hanover, MN


Building Permit Applications 

Items to be submitted for a building permit include a completed building permit application (see below), two copies/sets of the plans for the project, and two copies of the project on a survey, if applicable.  If a survey is needed, please call City Hall to see if a copy is on file and it will be emailed.  Please call City Hall with any questions regarding building permits.  Submit materials via email to cityhall@ci.hanover.mn.us .
A completed building permit application is required for any type of construction or improvement to a building.  The City of Hanover requires that a permit be reviewed by the City Planner and Engineer and approved by the City Building Inspector before any work is started. 
Once a building permit application has been reviewed by Metro West and permit fees assigned, staff will call the applicant with the total amount due.  A check for the amount due may be mailed in and upon receipt, staff will call the applicant to arrange a time for pick up.

A building permit is required for ALL of the following:

New home
Garage/Accessory Building
Finish Basement
Remodeling that involves the structure of the building
Swimming Pool


Building permits that may be issued over-the-counter at City Hall include:

Window replacement
Heating/Furnace Replacement
Air Conditioning (central)
Gas Fireplace

Please call City Hall for the exact permit fee for over-the-counter permits.  Please send in a completed building permit application, the amount due, and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) in order for the permit to be returned by mail.


Building Inspector

The City of Hanover has contracted with METRO WEST INSPECTION SERVICES, INC. of Loretto, as the official building inspector for the City. 


Metro West Inspections
Telephone:  (763)479-1720        Fax:  (763)479-3090   


Construction Hours for New Subdivisions can be found  here.

Regular Construction Hours are from 7 am to 10 pm.


PLEASE NOTE:  Effective 1/1/12, all New Construction Homes or remodeling full-size plan sets (those greater than 11" x 17") must be provided to the City in an electronic format (TIF or PDF are preferable) as well as on paper.  Failure to provide the full size plan sets electronically will result in a fee of $50.