Hanover, MN

Highway 19 2024 Project Page


County State Aid Highway 19 through Hanover will be reconstructed in 2024 and 2025.  The page linked below is being maintained by the engineering firm hired to manage the public engagement, design and construction process.  This page will receive periodic updates, so please check back for the latest information as the construction process gets closer. Following traffic studies and public engagement process between spring 2022-spring 2023, the design for Highway 19 between River Road to north of 5th St has been approved to include a four-lane divided road with roundabouts at key intersections.  Wright County also plans to reconstruct the Beebe Lake Road intersection to function well within the new corridor design for CSAH 19.  The roadway is planned to remain open while under construction in 2024 and 2025, but lanes will be reduced and construction occurring will impact traffic during construction.  Please check the link below for the latest updates from the engineers managing the project.