Hanover, MN



The City of Hanover has several organizations that are open to new members.  New residents as well as long-time residents are welcome to become a part of these groups.  Residents are also welcome to contact these organizations for information. 


Hanover Athletic Association -- Meetings: Monthly, 2nd Wednesday, 7 pm at the Hanover Historical Society's History Center

Contact: Stan Kolasa 763-286-6030


Golden Age Club -- Meetings: Monthly, 1st Tuesday. 12 Noon at City Hall


Hanover Lions -- Meetings: Monthly, 2nd Thursday, 7 pm at City Hall

Contact:  Kathy McMillan   612-743-0152


Historical Society – Meetings:  Monthly, first Thursday, 7 pm at the Hanover Historical Society's History Center

Contact:  info@hanoverhistoricalsociety.org.



Hanover Harvest Festival Committee – Meetings:  Monthly, 3rd Monday, 6:30 pm at City Hall.  Website


Hanover Youth Ball -- http://hanoveryouthball.org/

Hanover AA --Meetings: Weekly, Monday, 6:30 pm and Tuesday, 7 pm, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 

Meals on Wheels - CROSS Services

Contact:  763-425-1050

Bridges At Hanover Homeowners Association http://bridgesathanover.com/