Hanover, MN


Vitalization Award

Hanover's unique character comes from the individuals, organizations and businesses that contribute to the quality of life in our community.  The City Council believes it is important to recognize and celebrate those contributions.  To that end, the City Council has created the Vitalization Award program.

The Vitalization Award will endeavor to recognize projects that enrich the quality of life in Hanover, show human connections, preserve natural resources, beautify a neighborhood, improve the City's business climate, or exemplify good citizenship.  Some examples include a business owner who improves the appearance of his/her building; a church group establishing a community garden, a business that provides a special program for our youth or a neighborhood joining together for a cleanup.  The opportunities for recognition are endless. The idea is to recognize these efforts very quickly after the city has been advised of them and to publicize them to encourage other good works.

The nomination process is simple. If you’re aware of a project you think merits recognition, send us information about who should be recognized, what was done, and how their project benefited Hanover. Projects that fit the goals of the program will be recognized in our quarterly newsletter and on our website. 

Recipients will receive a certificate of appreciation from the Hanover City Council at a council meeting. 


Please explain why the nominee is deserving of a Vitalization Award and how the Hanover community has benefited.

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