Hanover, MN

Crow River Heights West 6th Addition

The Forestar Group will be developing the property located west of the Crow River Heights neighborhood, south of Beebe Lake Road, and north of Jandel Avenue NE.

Access to the site is proposed from an extension of both Jasmine Avenue NE and Jandel Avenue NE.

Single-family homes are to be constructed, with a total of 100 homes constructed in phases.

The lots included in this plan previously received preliminary plat approval in 2018 with some alterations for a recent preliminary plat approval that occurred in early 2022.  The developer is intending to utilize the existing work that had been completed on the site, and to install the remaining road and utility infrastructure generally similar to the past plans for the property with some relatively minor proposed changes.

The approved plans are detailed and show how the roads, utilities, and grading are to be constructed.


Questions on this development may be directed to City Administrator, Jennifer Nash, at 763-497-3777.